Majadtek Nigeria Company is a young, dynamic and focused ICT solutions provider that stands out as an icon of quality in all products and services rendered.

With a higly formidable and result driven team we creatively demystify human endeavour with our ICT solutions.

This in mind has kept Majadtek in focus as an icon of quality.

... CTO, Majadtek Nigeria

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Majadtek releases new solution: SchoolMX (A Comprehensive School Management System. Visit for details)

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Our Solutions/Products

The WebMX Project
The WebMX project is an initiative designed to bring together local experts in various web technologies to provide internationally acceptable solutions.

Our company (Majadtek Nigeria) is a member of The WebMX Project and has strongly collaborates with other partners to ensure the success of the initiative.

Visit the Webmx project website for details .

E-Commerce/E-Payment System
Do you want to increase profitability and reduce operational costs while effectively getting paid for products and services you render; establishing your web presence without stress and with ease of administration and reporting, then our E-Commerce solution is your best bet. Try it today and enjoy the benefits.

MajSales is a real time web and mobile based enterprise solution that facilitates the ease of maintaining information related to distributor, products and sales outlets in a multi level sales organization. The system records all transactions taking place between distributors, sales reps and sales outlets along with other relevant information that makes analysis and reporting smooth, swift, rich and easy.

The purpose of this electronic system is to make sales and distribution faster than it was done manually and presents the sales status in real time.

Bulk SMS Service
Send SMS fast and cheap using our bulk messaging facility.

Address Book, Customized messaging, scheduling and so on are supported.

SchoolMX is a cloud - based school management system for an all round school operations management.

The goal of the SchoolMX project is to achieve a one complete solution which is enough a tool to enhance all aspects of school management and administration using information technology resources in the easiest possible way, yet at minimal cost. Visit for details.

MajCop is a fully integrated cloud cooperative management system that delivers the conventional cloud based banking aplications to non-interest based cooperative societies with instant and simplified reporting system.

The solution is renowned for mitigating fraud and ensuring accountability in cooperative society fund management and members account reporting. Transaction alert and bank reconciliation with multi-factor user authentication are all added to give the solution world class user experience under high level security.

Our PayMart is an E-payment solution for merchants and website owners to simplify the process of billing and payment collection with graphically rich reporting system via multiple channels from their customers.

Our PayMart can easily be integrated with other E-Commerce and Accounting systems making it the choice for business minded organizations.

Web Marketing Solution
Do you want to market your product, brand or business via the web/mobile media fast and widde, we are your best option. We help our clients achieve targeted and multi-spread marketing to get the right type of client needed.